Club Tournament 2023

The draw for the 2023 H&S Club Tournament is live….

A few rules to guide you:

  1. It’s the responsibility of the top player/ pair (red flag) to arrange the match.
  2. If the match isn’t completed by the deadline (see 4 below) a BYE will be given to the bottom layer/pair (blue flag).
  3. All matches to be best of 3 sets, with 7-point tie breaks in sets 1 and 2 and a 10-point tie break in the set 3, unless otherwise agreed at the start of the match.
  4. It is the responsibility of the winner to update the notice board in the club house with the result.
  5. The deadlines for matches to be played are:
  • Round of 32: 11 June
  • Round of 16: 16 July
  • Quarter finals: 13 August
  • Semi finals: 3 September
  • Finals: 9 & 10 September

There are a lot of games to get played in the first couple of rounds so the earlier we can get these started the better.

Good luck! And have fun.

See the draws below: