Your Committee

The club is a purely voluntary organisation set up with a committee that takes decisions on behalf of the members. All members are welcome to join the committee – meetings occur usually every three months with the Annual General Meeting usually taking place in November.

The committee members are as follows:

2018/2019 Club Committee  

Chairman Ian Gunn
Secretary Chris Rastin
Assistant Secretary Martin Hastings
Membership Secretary Clive Garrod
Treasurer Peter Mayell
Assistant Treasurer Nigel Malcolm
Welfare Officer Matt Dyson
Match Secretary Barbara Holford
Ladies Captain Jenny Fowers
Vice Ladies Captain Sarah O’Sullivan
Men’s Captain Paul Gibson
Vice Men’s Captain Andrew Nash
Mid-Week Captain 

WebMaster/ Publicity Officer 1

Delia Widdows

Mitch Read

Publicity Officer 2 Matt Keeling
Tennis Ball Organiser Vernon Prior
Social Organiser 1

Social Organiser 2

Alison Morton
Head Coach Christian Allen
Junior Secretary Johanne Allen
Assistant Junior Secretary See note below **
Grounds Co-ordinators Barry Taylor/ Peter Mayell
Note **  Iraz Keeling is assisting Jo Bischoff  Not on the Committee


VOLUNTEERS, Not on Committee

Wimbledon Ticket Organiser Sarah O’Sullivan (also Ladies Vice-Captain)
First Aid Box Organiser Joy Wale
Club-Room Refreshment Organisers Liz Watt and Liz Williams
Main Tournament and Trophies Organiser  Roger Fowers
American/other Tournament Organisers To be agreed – Committee to progress
General Volunteering Jobs Volunteers welcomed