If you are interested in joining our club, here’s how it works.

Our membership categories are designed to cater for all standards and ages. We have application forms for the different membership options to the right but before making a decision and completing the application forms you are invited to visit the Club on 3 occasions to familiarise yourself with the courts and meet other Club Members.

The next step, for experienced tennis players, is to contact the appropriate Captain to make arrangements for a “play in session”. Every applicant will be given a friendly and considerate introduction to the Club.

After you have met and played with one of the Captains, the application form details may then be completed and forwarded to the Membership Secretary, together with your cheque for the subscription amount and joining fee. As soon as these are completed you will receive a letter of confirmation together with further details.

However, we wish to maintain a standard of play within the membership, which is enjoyable for everyone. If you are a beginner, in doubt about your tennis, or if you are returning to the sport after some years, it would be more appropriate to contact our Club Coach. He may initially recommend the Coaching Category Membership, which features either group or individual coaching sessions organised by the club coach.