It’s our 100th Anniversary Year

Did you know – our tennis club was officially formed on 4th November 1920? Some of the members of the congregation of the Church had been playing tennis in the grounds for a year or two but we have the documented minutes of the first meeting which formed the club.

Over the past few months, we have been collecting photos, memories and other key information of the formation of the club and also the history and development. We also had planned some celebrations but unfortunately, Covid-19 has put a hold on most of the activities.

However, we *have* managed to collect together a timeline of the club’s history with some excellent archived materials and photos. This is now published on the website and can be found here:

It is the club intention to gradually increase this archive, to share the photos more widely and there will more social activities and celebrations planned once we are in a position to meet again.

Enjoy the online history – please add your comments to the pages if you have anything to say – and there will be more to come.

Thanks as always to our amazing membership – both current and past, that have stepped up to provide content to make this task possible.

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